Friday, February 26, 2010

Desperately Seeking my Twin

I was a spring chicken when I joined the Hubert family. My body was sleek, paint unchipped and I had a squawk that put nails on a blackboard to shame.

My love of travelling began when my new family took me on their European vacation. Since then I’ve visited over sixteen countries and became the star character in Mom’s stories. As you can see, I even have my own blog.

Although I’ve had a wonderful time, the years have taken their toll. My squawk box is worn out and I’m in dire need of plastic surgery. My beak has hardened and is in danger of falling off, (or crumbling). Despite an extensive search, we’ve yet to find a rubber chicken rehabilitation service.

I’d like to take a break some times and lie by the pool drinking Gatoraide, but can’t until we find a twin to assist with my duties. I’ve scoured local stores and the internet with no luck. Even EBay came up empty.

If anyone has a rubber chicken that looks exactly like me, Mom would be delighted to give him (the chicken) a loving home filled with fun and adventure and a monetary reward. Please send pictures (more than one at different angles), of available rubber chickens to . Remember, I’m looking for an exact replica (minus wear and tear).

Here are my measurements in cm:
9.5cm – neck
38 cm- butt circumference
55cm – height from comb to toes

I’ve also attached a few pictures.

If I have any more family members out there, now is the time to make your self known.

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