Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome Fellow Explorers

Hello out there. It’s me; Bob, Bob Hubert. Yeah I know. I’m a rubber chicken, but not just any rubber chicken.

When I was created, a lightning bolt zapped the rubber chicken factory and zig-zagged down the assembly line smacking me right in my squawk box. Shazzam! That volt turned me into Bob; a walking, talking rubber chicken.

Unfortunately, the factory workers didn’t get my specialness and shipped me off to a department store where I sat on the shelf for a really long time. Finally a boy named William Hubert heard my squawk for help and bought me.

I became part of the Hubert family. William has a Mom, Dad and nasty teenage sister named Meghan.

Since then I’ve travelled the world and shared lots of adventures with my new family.

Hey guys, join the flock and share my travels as I give you a bird’s eye view of some really cool places. Check my blog every Tuesday and Friday for updates.

Welcome to ‘Travelling Rubber’.

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