Tuesday, March 30, 2010

At Banff with my Head in the Clouds

Over 4 million people and rubber chickens visit Banff National Park in a year. This week I'm one of them. Established in 1885, this beautiful place became the first national park in Canada.

Banff National Park is exciting. It’s filled with mountains (the Rockies), animals, cool places and stories both weird and wonderful.

Did I mention mountains? There are lots. Nestled in them is the town of Banff which is the highest town in Canada at an elevation of 1,383 metres or 4,537 feet.There were many times yesterday that I walked in clouds.How’s that for being high up.

The highest mountain in Banff National Park is Mt. Forbes at 3,612 metres or 11,850 ft.

Mountains in the park are ancient, ranging between 45 and 120 million years old.

I can’t wait to explore some more today!


  1. Hey there rubber chicken - feel free to stop by Town Hall (Bear St., one street west from Banff ave) to get a photo!

    -Stephanie Andrews
    Town of Banff
    HR Assistant

  2. Hi Stephanie. By the time I received your comment I was on my way back to Calgary. I'll definately drop in next time I'm in Banff to get a photo and give you a peck on the cheek. I usually visit once a year. I LOVE THE ROCKIES.
    Chat soon
    Bob Hubert