Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mysteries at York Minster Cathedral

Here’s a great shot of Mom giving me a kiss under the stained glass heart of York Minster Cathedral, in England. You can't see the heart in the picture because it's too high above us. There’s an old legend stating that those who kiss under the heart, stay in love forever. I must say, Dad was looking rather jealous.

York Minster Cathedral is the largest gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. The first building on this site was a military headquarters during the Roman occupation of England. Stories of Roman ghost sightings at the church are plentiful.

There are so many fun things to discover here. One of my favourites is in the East end of the church. If you look in the north choir aisle you’ll find a bunch of panels that show animals and birds that can be found in other areas of the Minster. I like to write down the animals and search for them. Here’s a hint, look in windows, carvings and on tombs.

Don’t forget to search for York Minster’s mysterious green men. Green men are carvings of faces surrounded by leaves and vines. The history of these figures can be traced back to ancient times and symbolise springtime and rebirth.


  1. Hi Kim: We really liked the article on York Minster Cathedral. We learned something new about the green mysterious carvings -- and Marc will do his search and find like Waldo to see if he can find them. Keep it up! Hugs, Angie & Marc