Friday, April 23, 2010

Dolphins of Atlantis

One really fun place to go is the Atlantis Resort in Bahamas.

I love the cool water park with its tons of slides. Here I am in front of the Mayan Temple.

Atlantis has a really neat marine habitat called the Dig. It’s themed around the fabled city of Atlantis. Over 50,000 marine animals live in the different displays. You can even snorkel with the Mantas here.

In another area you can actually walk under-water with the sharks. You don’t need to swim but you do need to wear a clear glass helmet. I ended up wearing a plastic pop bottle over my head but humans get a state of the art helmet.

My favourite animals are the Dolphins. There are a number of dolphin interaction programs to choose from including shallow water encounters, swimming with the dolphins and trainer for a day.

Dolphins are very intelligent. They communicate by squeaking or whistling through their blowholes. In the wild they live in pods (groups) of 10-30 animals and hunt fish by using something called echolocation which is like sonar; they send out clicking noises and listen for the return echo. From the echo they can figure out the location and shape of things around them.

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