Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hanging with the Gators in Florida

Did you know that the official state reptile of Florida is the Alligator?

You have to admit they are kind of cool in a creepy, horror movie kind of way.

Usually these creatures stay away from people but every now and then a nasty one comes along. It’s illegal to feed wild alligators in Florida because in doing so they may learn to associate people with food and lose their natural fear.

It’s also illegal to water ski after dark in Florida. That's because alligators are noctural and hunt at night.

The American Alligator lives about 50 years and can grow between 6 ½ and 13 feet. The largest alligator found was over 19 feet.

Believe it or not, gators can run up to 38 km/h for short periods of time. You definitely don’t want one chasing you.

These reptiles swallow their food whole. Larger gators eat fish, turtles, snakes, small mammals, smaller alligators, water birds and unsuspecting chickens…Gulp.

Gee, I think I better get myself out of here!

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