Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tea Time for the Peckish

As I scratch around in the back yard, I find myself still thinking about high tea. High tea is served all over the world. Some of Mom’s favourite tea houses are in New York City, Boston and Victoria, B.C.

These days high tea is considered very fancy. Goodies like tiny sandwiches with the crusts cut off, fancy appetizers, scones with clotted cream, pastries and of course tea, are served on fancy dishes called china. You would be in big trouble if you broke any of these cups or saucers.

Formal high tea has come a long way from what it used to be during the industrial revolution. Back then, only poor or working class people would have high tea.

Most of the poor people could only afford one main meal a day and that was lunch time, (they called it dinner). By the time they got home from work around 6pm they were starving so they would set the table with leftovers from lunch and whatever else they could scrape up, usually meats, bread, butter, pickles, cheese and of course tea. No fancy sandwiches or pastries for the working class.

Because the meal was eaten at a high table (not a low tea table), it was called high tea or meat tea.

All this talk about tea has left me feeling a little peckish. I think pour myself a cup and drink it with some chicken feed.

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