Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All Shook Up - Charleston Earthquake Bolts

I love looking at the old buildings in Charleston, South Carolina. I noticed that many have decorations on them. It kind of looks like the buildings are wearing fancy pins or brooches. There are usually two or three identical brooches in a row on a building.

These pins come in many shapes: crosses, circles, stars and more. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any shaped like chickens.

I later found out that these decorations had a purpose. After the 1886 earthquake, people put rods through their buildings to straighten them out and secure them. They added fancy decorations to the ends of these rods to pretty them up called earthquake bolts.

If you go to Charleston, check out how many different designs of earthquake bolts you find and please, let me know if you find any that look like chickens.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hoover the Chicken at The Washington Monument

One of my cousin, Hoover’s favourite places in Washington is the Washington Monument.

This monument was made in honour of George Washington, the first president of the United States.

Hoover wanted to climb the monument and check the view from the top but Mom said she didn’t want to climb 897 steps in the 100 degree heat. We later found out that visitors can also take an elevator.

There are so many interesting things to know about the Washington Monument. Click the link and you can get some really cool facts.

Just remember, whether you walk, take the elevator or fly, you do need to order timed tickets in advance.

On this visit, Hoover and I admired the monument from below but there is always next time….

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chickens at Washington's National Zoo

Recently, I met up with my cousin Hoover, in Washington DC. (Hoover was named after one of the United States past presidents.)

Hoover enjoyed showing Washington’s sights to me, Mom, her friend and the kids.

One of our favourite places was the Smithsonian National Zoological park. Mom liked the fact that it's free to get into.

Hoover and I loved the bird house. I took a great picture of Hoover on the eagle statue by the bird house.

Many of the animals were hiding or sleeping because it was so hot outside, but there were many active animals in the indoor exhibits. Check and see if the Pandas are up on the Panda cam.

We loved the reptiles in the Reptile House. Did you know that evolutionwise, reptiles are related to us birds? Maybe that's why I have such scaley feet.

Mom thought the Meerkats...you know, the ones that look like Timone from Lion King, were really cute.

With it being so hot, the kids loved the misters that were located around the zoo. The mists of water sure helped to cool us down.

I'll be telling you more about our trip to Washington this week, so keep checking my site.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quaker Parrots and One Rubber Chicken

I’m not the only bird in our family home. I live with a Quaker Parrot named Kirby.

Quaker Parrots like Kirby are also called Quaker Parakeets, Monk Parakeets or Grey-Breasted Parakeets. Quakers are usually green with a pale grey chest, throat, cheeks and forehead but some of Kirby’s friends are blue or yellow.

When living with pet humans, Quakers usually learn to talk,laugh and even sing.

Quaker Parrots originally came from Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina in South America but like me, they are prone to travel. I have seen Quakers in Southern Florida, Brooklyn and even Brussels, Belgium. If you don’t believe me, check out the You Tube videos.

Look at the time! Gotta fly. I promised Kirby that I would meet up with him and some chicks tonight.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Playing Fowl in the Toronto Islands

Ontario is really something to crow about in the Summer.

One of my favourite places to go is the Toronto Islands. There is soooo much to do.

Half the fun is arriving on the ferry. I love to ride my bike around the islands and usually hang out at the beach for a while then check out the haunted lighthouse on Gibraltar Point. There’s even a bird sanctuary nearby and lots of Canadian Geese. (Whatever they eat, sure makes them poop a lot).

It’s always fun to go to Centreville and ride the roller coaster and swan boats before checking in on a few of my relatives at the farm.

One of the coolest things is the view of the city from the island or watching the planes take off from the airport.

The Islands are a great place with an interesting history, but don’t take my word for it. Check out these two videos on the island’s past and the islands today.

Gotta fly now. I’m off to meet a few ducks at the Wards Island ferry dock.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Something to Celebrate

I’m getting ready to party!

This Friday, July 1 is Canada’s 144th birthday. It’s the perfect time to wave our flags, enjoy fireworks and crow with national pride.

Canadians have a lot to be proud of. We live in an amazing country. Check out some of these Canadian facts from the National Geographic Kids site.

Many famous people come from Canada including Justin Beiber, Wayne Gretzky, Avril Lavigne and Jim Carrey to name a few. Check out this much larger list of famous Canadians.

So stand proud Canadians, and belt out our national anthem.Happy Canada Day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goose Bumps in Key West, Florida

I went to Key West in Florida recently and had an amazing time.

One memory that sticks out in my mind is our visit to Fort East Martello Museum where I saw Robert, the haunted doll. Talk about creepy.

Many people say that they've seen Robert's expression change or have seen him move. I didn't but he still gave me goose bumps.

Check out this video about Robert's story if you dare…but maybe not before bedtime.