Monday, July 25, 2011

Chickens at Washington's National Zoo

Recently, I met up with my cousin Hoover, in Washington DC. (Hoover was named after one of the United States past presidents.)

Hoover enjoyed showing Washington’s sights to me, Mom, her friend and the kids.

One of our favourite places was the Smithsonian National Zoological park. Mom liked the fact that it's free to get into.

Hoover and I loved the bird house. I took a great picture of Hoover on the eagle statue by the bird house.

Many of the animals were hiding or sleeping because it was so hot outside, but there were many active animals in the indoor exhibits. Check and see if the Pandas are up on the Panda cam.

We loved the reptiles in the Reptile House. Did you know that evolutionwise, reptiles are related to us birds? Maybe that's why I have such scaley feet.

Mom thought the know, the ones that look like Timone from Lion King, were really cute.

With it being so hot, the kids loved the misters that were located around the zoo. The mists of water sure helped to cool us down.

I'll be telling you more about our trip to Washington this week, so keep checking my site.

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