Friday, July 8, 2011

Playing Fowl in the Toronto Islands

Ontario is really something to crow about in the Summer.

One of my favourite places to go is the Toronto Islands. There is soooo much to do.

Half the fun is arriving on the ferry. I love to ride my bike around the islands and usually hang out at the beach for a while then check out the haunted lighthouse on Gibraltar Point. There’s even a bird sanctuary nearby and lots of Canadian Geese. (Whatever they eat, sure makes them poop a lot).

It’s always fun to go to Centreville and ride the roller coaster and swan boats before checking in on a few of my relatives at the farm.

One of the coolest things is the view of the city from the island or watching the planes take off from the airport.

The Islands are a great place with an interesting history, but don’t take my word for it. Check out these two videos on the island’s past and the islands today.

Gotta fly now. I’m off to meet a few ducks at the Wards Island ferry dock.

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