Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All Shook Up - Charleston Earthquake Bolts

I love looking at the old buildings in Charleston, South Carolina. I noticed that many have decorations on them. It kind of looks like the buildings are wearing fancy pins or brooches. There are usually two or three identical brooches in a row on a building.

These pins come in many shapes: crosses, circles, stars and more. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any shaped like chickens.

I later found out that these decorations had a purpose. After the 1886 earthquake, people put rods through their buildings to straighten them out and secure them. They added fancy decorations to the ends of these rods to pretty them up called earthquake bolts.

If you go to Charleston, check out how many different designs of earthquake bolts you find and please, let me know if you find any that look like chickens.

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